The summer of Study Abroad in England has arriving with all the excitement and joy that a long-awaited experience can bring.

Those embarking on their first study abroad adventure in England will never forget the allure of this journey to a legendary country where tradition and innovation coexist in an explosive mix that captivates everyone, from the youngest to the eldest.

The Study Abroad programs in England for 2024 are perfect for children and teenagers aged 8 to 19 who want to learn English “straight from the source” while discovering magical places through the numerous excursions offered in the packages on the market. Do you want your children to learn English while having fun during a study abroad or summer camp experience?

The study trips to England that we organize take place in some of the best destinations in the country, where carefully selected families and top-quality colleges ensure a safe, enjoyable, and comprehensive experience for students. Thanks to the many available locations, you can choose between a more traditional England, with its English lords and “afternoon tea,” and its more modern and cosmopolitan side.

Whatever your choice for your study stay in England, learning and fun are guaranteed! But when is the best time for an English course in England?

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Why choose a study abroad in England?

England can be quickly reached from every major European city. Without a doubt, it is the most coveted destination for a study abroad for students from around the world who wish to improve their English language skills or even embark on a High School Program, an entire year of adventure.

A study has shown that 63% of students traveling to England for a study abroad program are female. Among Italian students, the youngest ones often choose “Mini stay” language programs or group summer study vacations with their teacher to escort them. The older ones, however, prefer traveling alone, as they are more autonomous and independent.

Regardless of the type of journey, choosing England certainly guarantees an unforgettable experience. The preferred destination is, of course, London, the capital. Modern and cosmopolitan, it attracts thousands of visitors, students, and young people from all over the world every year, making it a top choice for more mature travelers.

Should you have an escort or not?

For the younger ones up to 17 years old, we often recommend a study trip with an escort to one of our more traditional centers operated by our partner and market leader for 35 years, L’Astrolabio. Here, safety and organization guarantee a surprise-free vacation.

Your children will experience the more traditional side of England with a study vacation in places like Worcester, Cirencester, London Egham, Nottingham, Eastbourne, and Cardiff, where we exclusively manage the Royal Agricultural University center in Cirencester.

However, more adventurous explorers prefer to travel alone, enjoying maximum autonomy and independence. But whether you choose to go alone or with company, England is undoubtedly the best destination for a study trip that will change your life!

But if you’re an independent explorer, you’re free to choose from splendid cities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Manchester. And if you need to unwind from the stress of school, Bath is perfect for recharging and relaxing.

In any case, choosing England as the destination for your study trip is undoubtedly the best choice for an unforgettable experience and to improve your language skills. What are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure now!

The purpose of study abroad in England is to fully immerse in the local culture, discover the wonderful beauty of the country, from the modern cities to the vast green expanses of quintessentially British England and the characteristic coastal areas. Socialization and openness to other cultures are also crucial components. Here, your child can make friends with English peers and young people from all over the world, laying the foundation for friendships that sometimes last a lifetime.

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Study Trip in England for Both Youngsters and Adults

A surefire method to enhance your English is by participating in study trips to England or taking part in specialized summer camps like the Chelsea football camp. An alternative to the classic study trip is themed summer camps, including sports-focused ones.

The birthplace of the English language has attracted students from around the globe for centuries, all aspiring to study in its famous and ancient universities. Our study stays in England are not selected solely based on the history of the facilities but also on the modernity of teaching methodologies to ensure maximum effectiveness. Typically lasting around fifteen days, study trips need to make the most of every moment.

For your youngsters, we offer a linguistic full immersion with continuous exercises and constant contact with spoken English. This is facilitated by the support of top-notch technologies and teaching techniques. Our method is the best to ensure that there is tangible improvement in English proficiency day by day.

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Homestays Across England

Summer study vacations in England with host families are a popular option for students looking to improve their English and immerse themselves in English culture. During these study vacations, students spend time with a local host family and participate in English lessons during the day.

Most host families are carefully selected, providing a safe and welcoming environment for students. Students have the opportunity to interact with the family and participate in daily activities such as meal preparation and household chores. This offers a unique and authentic experience of everyday English life.

English lessons are taught by qualified teachers and are designed to meet the students’ needs. There may be various course options, including intensive courses, exam preparation courses, or general English courses. Students can also take part in extracurricular and cultural activities organized by the schools, such as guided tours of cities and local museums.

Summer study vacations in England with host families are suitable for students of all ages and English levels. These experiences can help students improve their spoken English comprehension, develop conversational skills, and gain a deeper understanding of English culture.

In short, a study trip to England with a host family is an ideal option for students who want to improve their English and immerse themselves in the local culture. They offer a safe and welcoming environment, high-quality English lessons, and an authentic experience of everyday English life.

For your study vacations in England, you can choose from:

  • Bustling metropolises like London
  • Coastal and vacation destinations like Eastbourne or Torquay
  • University cities like Oxford and Cambridge
  • Historic cities like Nottingham
  • No matter which destination you choose for your children’s study vacation in England, you’ll discover a nation with ancient traditions and a deep passion for football.

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What’s the Ideal Place for a Study Vacation in England?

With us, you can embark on a study trip to all regions of England. Our English schools are located in both major cities and smaller towns, where it’s easier to adapt and get to know the town and its surroundings.

In any case, the study trips always include an intense program of outings and excursions included in the package. If your children’s language level isn’t advanced, it’s best to choose a place where the more “academic” language is spoken and easily understood. If their proficiency is advanced, then choosing a more remote location will allow them to put their skills to the test.

The more rural but no less charming areas of England will expose them to stronger regional accents.


The Cyncoed Campus in Cardiff

If you’re looking for a study vacation abroad that will help improve your children’s English in a fun and stimulating international environment, Cardiff could be the perfect choice for you!

Home to the Universities’ School of Education and Social Policy and the School of Sport and Health Sciences, Cardiff is located in the Cyncoed district, just 3 km from the center of Cardiff and only 64 km from London, making it an excellent base for exploring the UK.

But the real reason to choose Cardiff for your study vacation is the campus itself. With excellent sports facilities like a swimming pool, gym, basketball courts, and indoor or outdoor tennis courts, you’ll never have a dull moment. Additionally, there are plenty of green spaces to relax and make new friends.

But that’s not all! The campus also offers other conveniences like Wi-Fi, laundry, computer labs, a bus stop, bike rental, restaurant, café, and bar.

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Joy and fun are the keywords for the upcoming language stay! You’ll be accommodated in single rooms with private bathrooms and personal kitchens, housed in buildings surrounded by the greenery of our university campus. You’ll be treated to full board, including packed lunches for full-day excursions—leave all your worries at home and enjoy your stay in total tranquility.

But that’s not all: the 15 hours of weekly English lessons will take place in cozy and relaxing classrooms, with a limited number of students and highly qualified native teachers. Not just grammar and vocabulary, but also a communicative approach to learning English that will make your growth journey even more engaging and exciting. And don’t forget that thanks to the campus’s international environment, you’ll have the opportunity to practice English 24 hours a day!

A port city, Cardiff is located on the southern coast of Wales and became the region’s capital in 1955. Cardiff is a city rich in events, attractions, parks, pubs, restaurants, and shops that will make your study vacation even more memorable.

One of the most fascinating places in Cardiff is its beautiful bay, which has been completely renovated with the addition of structures like the Wales Millennium Centre, the national theater, and the National Assembly for Wales, the Welsh parliament. In the heart of the city lies the famous Cardiff Castle, with its 200 years of history, the National Museum, and the St Fagans Museum. Additionally, Cardiff is home to the fantastic Millennium Stadium, the home of the Welsh national rugby team.

Our language school is located on our exclusive Cyncoed Campus, conveniently connected to the center of Cardiff through frequent bus lines. At the campus, students will have access to excellent sports facilities, a shop, a bar, and a cafeteria. In summary, Cardiff is a city that offers a wide range of opportunities to enrich your study vacation experience.

In summary, a study vacation in Cardiff and England is an excellent choice for those seeking a stimulating environment, good accommodation, and the opportunity to improve their English in an international context. Don’t wait any longer—book your study vacation in Cardiff now!

Worcester University: Where Learning Meets Adventure

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Worcester University’s City Campus—an unparalleled destination for students seeking a vibrant and engaging experience in the United Kingdom. Nestled in the heart of the city, the Campus is easily accessible via pathways, bike lanes, and public transport, transforming adventurous journeys into child’s play.

Worcester boasts a rich history, both local and national, with its treasures conveniently within reach from the Campus. The main building, a Georgian masterpiece, was unveiled in 2010. This architectural gem was once the Worcester Royal Infirmary, dating all the way back to 1771, and even played host to the founding of the British Medical Association in 1832. Just a few steps away, beneath the railway arches, lies the award-winning £60 million library and study space, The Hive.

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Leisure facilities at your disposal are plentiful, leaving students spoiled for choice. The McClelland Health and Wellbeing Centre provides a gym, therapy and treatment rooms, and a 24/7 internet café. Moreover, the Campus’s strategic location makes it conveniently reachable from London, a mere 200 km away.

But the true gem of the City Campus is the accommodation within modern residences, offering single rooms with private bathrooms. Full board is provided, including packed lunches for excursions. Yet, what truly sets the City Campus experience apart is the English course.

Led by native-speaking instructors, students will sharpen their linguistic skills and boost their confidence in using English. Classes take place in small-sized classrooms and focus on grammar and vocabulary, while also adopting a communicative approach to learning English, ensuring a journey of both fun and stimulation.

The course includes course materials and a participation certificate, with various programs to choose from. For instance, “Great Britain” is the perfect choice for those aged 8 and above seeking a truly British experience, combining in-class English lessons with action-packed daily activities and excursions to explore the territory. In collaboration with the Robotics Academy, “Robotics Summer Labs” fuses English and robotics to help youngsters learn the language while developing fundamental programming concepts. Students can build their own LEGO robots and use them to solve everyday challenges, answer questions, tackle obstacles like mazes, and interact with other robots and much more!

The “One Take Movie” program targets aspiring filmmakers aged 12 to 17, aiming to unveil the art of cinema. The course encompasses both theoretical and practical components, enabling students to learn equipment usage, work on set, and grasp the essentials of creating a film.

Upon course completion, participants will have crafted a high-quality “One Take Movie”-style video, premiering on the school’s YouTube channel. The goal is to enhance English and singing abilities of those aged 8 to 17. Music is an expression of organized sounds, noises, and silences over time and space, creating effects that communicate the artist’s and listener’s inner worlds.

The course aims to enhance English and singing skills for students aged 8 to 17. Music is the art and science of organizing sounds, noises, and silences over time and space, capable of creating specific auditory effects to express the inner essence of the creator and the listener.

Students will have the opportunity to engage with music in exciting and original ways, cultivating musical talents, participating in entertaining activities, and collaborating within groups, such as joining bands or choirs for concerts.

How Much Does My English Course in England Cost?

Undoubtedly, a study trip to England for language learning demands a higher investment compared to countries like Malta. However, even in England, we offer a variety of destinations, allowing everyone to choose accordingly.

For instance, London generally costs more than smaller cities. We provide a wide array of schools and locations, enabling you to tailor your choice to your budget. Rest assured, quality courses and top-tier schools are always guaranteed. Beware of the “cheapest deals on the market.” As the pragmatic Americans say, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

Thanks to our travel agency, Ascot Viaggi, an IATA agent, we enjoy significant advantages and can negotiate the best rates.

How Long Should My Study Vacation in England Be?

Numerous connections offer utmost flexibility when planning the duration of your study vacation. This allows you to opt for a study stay as short as one week, albeit only refreshing your English skills.

Ideally, to achieve substantial improvement, consider attending a language course for a period of at least 3 to 6 weeks. However, heading to England also signifies empowering your children, in addition to aiding their language learning. This can be achieved even in 15-day stays.

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In a fortnight, they will have ample time to settle in and forge friendships with fellow students. For older students with more time, selecting various cities across Britain can provide deeper insights into British culture and customs.

You also have the option of a study vacation program involving attendance at multiple schools in different cities within the same vacation. Furthermore, through our partnership with VIVA INTERNATIONAL, we can offer longer stays, even up to a year of study with Exchange Students programs. Your children will return speaking English almost like native speakers.

When Is the Best Time for an English Course in England?

Weather during study vacations in England can be quite chilly and notably rainy. Therefore, the recommended period for your trip, whether for yourself or your children, is between April and August.

During these months, the weather tends to be drier, with particularly pleasant temperatures, especially in August when home temperatures are scorching.

The winter semester, despite its cold and damp conditions, also has distinct advantages. In this period of lower influx, class sizes are limited, and there are fewer compatriots, forcing students to strive for improvement through actual usage instead of relying on their native tongue.

Teachers, too, can be more focused and dedicated. Thus, you can maximize the returns on your investment in this study vacation in England, specifically designed for language learning.

Our expert consultants visit English schools every year and all have been professional tour guides, making them available to guide you step by step in choosing one of our packages or customizing one to your needs.