Get ready for your study abroad adventure with the best travel apps! Navigate, communicate, and manage your money like a pro with these essential apps for young and adventurous travelers.

Embarking on a study abroad experience can come with its fair share of worries, especially when venturing to a faraway land. You might miss home, struggle to make yourself understood, or simply want to share your emotions and adventures with your loved ones in real-time.

But fear not! In this digital age, technology has got you covered. Countless smartphone apps are here to make your overseas stay a breeze, especially if it’s your first time. With these apps, you can navigate foreign cities, study like a champ, communicate effortlessly, and handle your finances with ease.

Let’s dive into the essential app categories to help you make the most of your study abroad journey!

Best Apps for Getting Around


Become a local in no time with Citymapper! This app will have you moving around a new city like a pro, no matter where you’re headed. Just choose your current location and preferred mode of transportation, and Citymapper will provide clear and detailed directions to get you there, whether you’re walking, taking a taxi, or hopping on a bus. Covering cities worldwide, from the US to Europe, and beyond, you’ll never feel lost again.

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Google Maps

The undisputed champion of map apps, Google Maps is a lifesaver when traveling, thanks to its fantastic offline features. Download the map of your destination before you head out, and even without Wi-Fi or mobile data, you’ll still have access to your map for guidance.


When you need a quick and convenient ride to a specific location or find yourself lost in a new city, Uber is your buddy. With just a tap, you can book an experienced driver who’ll arrive in minutes, ready to take you wherever you desire. Plus, you’ll know the fare upfront, making it an easy and reliable choice for any situation.

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Best Apps for Studying

(How to) Pronounce

Worried about pronouncing foreign words correctly? Worry no more! With (How to) Pronounce, you’ll nail those tricky pronunciations effortlessly. This translation app lets you hear the correct pronunciation of words, helping you repeat them accurately. Supporting 53 different languages, just type in the word or phrase, and the app will say it for you. Communication won’t be a hurdle anymore!


If you love learning foreign languages, chances are you already have Duolingo on your phone. During your study abroad, you’ll want to make the most of your language learning journey. Duolingo offers a fun and effective way to read, write, speak, and listen in over 25 languages, using gamification to keep your studies engaging and enjoyable.

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Google Translate

Ever struggled to understand signs, flyers, or written materials in foreign languages while abroad? Google Translate has got your back! This app lets you instantly translate text from one language to another using your phone’s camera. Just scan the text and convert it into the language of your choice. With over 100 languages available, you’ll better understand the world around you with Google Translate.

Google Keep

Heard a new expression and want to jot it down for future reference? Google Keep is the perfect app for you! This intuitive app lets you take notes in various formats, from simple text notes to annotations on maps, drawings, images, and more. It’s an ideal companion for keeping track of all your valuable insights during your study abroad journey.

Best Apps for Communication


Staying in touch with family and friends back home is crucial during your study abroad adventure. Messenger, closely linked to Facebook, offers numerous features to share your experiences with your loved ones while abroad. From messaging to video calls, you’ll feel connected like never before.


Unlike Messenger, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for your messages. This means only the participants in a conversation have access to the messages. Plus, it seamlessly works in areas with weak signals, so it’s a great choice even on 2G networks!


Often used for work purposes, Skype allows you to make free video and voice calls. You can also use it for instant messaging and file sharing. Available on all devices and browsers, it’s perfect for keeping in touch with your loved ones, wherever they may be.


If you’re eager to find like-minded individuals and organize group chats around common interests, Discord is the app for you. With formatting options and custom emojis, you can let your creativity shine while connecting with new people who share your passions.

Best Apps for Managing Your Money

Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Ordinary banks often charge hefty fees for international payments and withdrawals. Wise, on the other hand, offers a debit card that lets you send money abroad with zero fees and excellent exchange rates. As a student, you’re entitled to a free Wise card!

XE Currency

XE is a currency converter and money transfer app available in over 120 countries. No matter where you are in the world, you can rely on the app’s real-time currency values and money transfer options, ensuring accurate conversions and smart financial planning.


Keeping your budget in check during your study abroad is essential. Enter Mint, students’ favorite budgeting app. With an intuitive interface and eye-catching design, Mint helps you create a personalized budget and sends you spending reminders. Plus, if you’re planning a trip with friends, Mint calculates costs in advance, so you’re always prepared for your adventures!

Your Study Abroad Journey Made Simple with Apps

Before bidding farewell to your home and embarking on the exciting adventure of studying abroad, prepare yourself by downloading the right apps to your phone. The ones we’ve introduced here are indispensable tools to simplify your stay overseas.

You’ll be navigating new cities with ease, communicating effortlessly with your family and friends, managing your money smartly, and more. Don’t let nostalgia or language barriers hold you back. Embrace your study abroad experiences to the fullest with the help of these apps, your virtual travel companions, keeping you connected to the world and offering support in every situation.