Are you searching for a unique and enriching English learning experience for your child? Nestled in the heart of England, Worcester offers an idyllic setting that combines historical charm with modern educational facilities, making it an ideal choice for young learners aged 8-17. At EducationFF, we believe that the environment in which children learn is just as important as the quality of the education they receive. That’s why our Study English Abroad in Worcester program is designed to inspire and empower your child, blending classroom learning with real-world experiences.

Worcester is not just a place for improving English skills and academic growth; it’s a vibrant city where young students can safely explore, make new friends from around the world, and become immersed in the English language.

Our tailored program ensures that each student receives attention tailored to their educational needs while being part of a supportive and friendly community.

Join us as we dive into what makes Worcester the perfect city for your child’s educational adventure abroad.

Introduction to our Study English Abroad in Worcester Trip

Worcester, England, is a city that offers an educational sanctuary where tradition meets modern learning environments. EducationFF’s Study English Abroad in Worcester program is tailored to young learners, combining high-quality English language education with a rich cultural experience.

Worcester is renowned for its beautiful, safe, and student-friendly atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for children’s educational travel. The city’s layout ensures that everything from historic sites to contemporary amenities is just a short walk away, perfect for young explorers.

With its picturesque landscapes, including the famed River Severn and the majestic Worcester Cathedral, students are not just visiting a place to study; they are immersing themselves in an environment that enhances learning.

Our program in Worcester is not just about improving English language skills; it’s about providing a holistic educational experience. Classes are held in supportive and engaging settings, where each student is encouraged to actively participate and express themselves.

This approach helps in nurturing confidence and a deep love for learning, traits that extend far beyond language proficiency.

Through this immersive educational journey, your child will not only advance their English but also gain invaluable life skills and global perspectives. Let’s explore how this historic yet dynamic city opens a world of opportunities for young learners, making it the ideal destination to study English abroad.

birdseye view of worcester in England

Worcester is an excellent choice for youngsters taking a study English abroad trip!

Why Choose Worcester for your Study Abroad Experience?

Worcester is more than just a picturesque English city; it’s a hub of educational excellence and cultural richness, making it an outstanding choice for young learners to study English abroad. Here’s why Worcester stands out as an ideal destination for educational and personal growth:

Educational Excellence

In our Worcester program, the focus is on providing top-tier education that is both engaging and comprehensive. Our affiliated schools boast a team of highly qualified educators who specialise in teaching English to young learners.

Our educators support and nurture linguistic skills along with critical thinking and creativity, which are crucial for students’ overall development. The curriculum is designed to cater to various learning styles, ensuring that each student can thrive in their educational journey.

Upon arrival, students will take an entrance test to be placed in the most suitable class for their level.

Classes in Worcester are small, allowing for personalised attention and tailored instruction that meets the specific needs of each student. This personalised approach helps ensure that no learner is left behind, and each has the opportunity to excel at their own pace.

There are 15 hours of English lessons  focus on grammar and vocabulary but also on the communicative approach to learning English, ideal for acquiring fluency through a range of activities fun and challenging.

classroom with a green board and tables in front of it

At Education FF, we are proud to provide academic excellence in all of our English programs.

A Day in the Life of a Student

A typical day for a student in our Worcester program is thoughtfully structured to balance learning with fun and relaxation, ensuring that students are motivated and engaged throughout their stay.

Mornings begin with interactive English language classes that focus on enhancing communication skills through group activities, games, and classroom discussions.

Afternoons are dedicated to homework and guided study sessions where students can apply what they’ve learned, ask questions, and interact with peers from around the world. This time is crucial for reinforcing the morning’s lessons and for students to practice their new skills in a supportive environment.

The daily schedule also includes free time for students to explore their surroundings and engage in various extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and music, which are integral to the educational experience in Worcester. These activities not only enrich the students’ stay but also help them build new friendships and develop a sense of independence.

young children sat next to each other with textbooks and pencils smiling at the camera

Our programs are a blend of learning and fun!

Education Beyond the Classroom

Every student is unique, and so are their interests. That’s why, in our Worcester English program, we offer 8 extra hours a week of activity lessons. Here’s a look inside our tailored programmes:

  • “EDUCATION IS GREAT BRITAIN” combines classroom English tuition with action-packed daily activities and excursions to explore the local area and appreciate the wealth of history, culture, and local discovery new and interesting outside the school.
  • “ROBOTICS SUMMER LABS” amalgamates English and robotics to help younger students learn the language while developing key programming concepts. Students will be able to build their own LEGO robots and use them to solve everyday problems, answer questions, and challenges such as mazes, and obstacles, and/or with other robots and much more!
  • “MUSIC ALWAYS” gives students will have the opportunity to explore songs in new and engaging ways, developing new melodic skills, learning through hands-on games, working in teams, and at the end of each week, performing in group shows (in a band or with a choir) or individual!
  • “ONE TAKE MOVIE” teaches students how to use equipment and work on a set, providing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of film art. At the end of our course, students will have written, filmed, and edited a high-quality video… in one take! All films made in the One Take Movie course will be premiered on the school’s YouTube channel and participate in the Film Festival November 2024.
  • “ANIME HOUSE” will teach students to draw manga characters and will be able to create their own original character. At the end of this course, they will receive their works, a manga sketch textbook, and a completion certificate.
robot on a phone texting

Robotics Summer Labs is one of our most popular tailored programmes.

Choosing Worcester for your child’s English learning journey offers a unique blend of academic rigor and cultural exploration, set in a city known for its safety, friendliness, and community spirit.

Here, education goes beyond the classroom, providing students with a platform to grow academically and personally, making lifelong memories along the way.

Activities and Excursions Included in our Worcester Program

Our Study English Abroad in Worcester program also includes excursions that complement the classroom learning with real-world experiences across the UK.

Each trip is designed to enrich the students’ understanding of British culture and history, while also providing opportunities for practical language application. Let’s explore the exciting adventures that await you…

A Full Day in Birmingham

Step Back in Time with the Peaky Blinders

Experience a journey back in time as you follow in the footsteps of the infamous Shelby family on a guided walking tour. Explore the historical sites and vibrant city centre where the echoes of the industrial revolution resonate.

The storytelling by the guides will not only entertain but also enhance the students’ listening and comprehension skills in a lively setting.

birdseye view of birmingham in england

Birmingham is a lively city, and is a must-see on your trip to the UK.

Cadbury World

After delving into Birmingham’s historical streets, the tour leads to the delightful Cadbury World. Here, students can discover the magic of chocolate making in a place that seems to leap straight out of a storybook.

This visit provides a sweet blend of education and entertainment, perfect for engaging young minds and leaving lasting memories.

A Full Day in Bath

The Roman Baths

Begin with a tour of the ancient Roman Baths, an architectural marvel, offering audio guides in several languages to cater to our diverse group of learners.

This historical site provides a unique opportunity to explore ancient history firsthand, allowing students to connect linguistic skills with historical knowledge.

City Tour and Shopping

The excursion continues with a walking tour of Bath‘s most iconic landmarks, including the majestic Bath Abbey, the elegant Pulteney Bridge, and the picturesque Royal Crescent.

The day rounds off with some shopping time in the quaint city centre, where students can practice their conversational English in a lively, typically British atmosphere.

view of river in bath, england with an aquaduct

Bath is most famous for its ancient Roman Baths.

A Full Day in Oxford

Exploring Academic Excellence

Oxford is synonymous with educational prestige, and our walking tour includes visits to one of Oxford University‘s renowned colleges. Students will learn about the city’s rich academic history and its current role in education worldwide.

Afternoon Choices

The afternoon is less structured, allowing students the freedom to explore Oxford‘s historic centre or browse through the main shopping streets. This time encourages independent exploration and the use of English in everyday contexts, enhancing both confidence and fluency.

oxford university building

Oxford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

A Full Day in Stratford Upon Avon

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

A visit to William Shakespeare’s birthplace allows students to delve into the life of England’s most famous playwright. The house, now a museum, holds a vast collection of artefacts and provides insights into the Tudor-era life, linking literary history with the tangible remnants of Shakespeare’s world.

stratford upon avon in england

Stratford Upon Avon has beautiful, old English architecture. The rich history in every street makes it an exciting place to explore.

A Full Day in Cardiff

Cardiff Castle

This excursion takes students to Cardiff, where they will explore the imposing Cardiff Castle, a site of Roman origin that boasts a complex history of occupation and reinvention.

The visit provides a rich historical narrative that complements the students’ studies and offers a vivid backdrop for learning new vocabulary and historical concepts.

cardiff castle in the uk

Cardiff Castle in Wales.

Half-Day Outings in Worcester

Local Discoveries

Short trips within Worcester are scheduled to ensure students have the opportunity to learn about the city. Visits to the splendid Worcester Cathedral and other local sites allow students to appreciate their temporary home from both historical and educational perspectives.

Each of these excursions is an integral part of our program, designed to ensure that learning continues beyond the classroom in the most engaging and impactful ways possible.

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