Cirencester, also known as the capital of the beautiful Cotswolds, is a wonderful location to choose if you’re a student and want to study English in the UK.

There is a lot of information to research on what to do during free time on your study holiday in Cirencester – let us help you remove the guess work. Read on to discover how you or your students can enjoy all that the UK town of Cirencester has to offer!

Why Cirencester?

Embrace the power of Cirencester, England, for your study abroad adventure and unlock a world of transformative experiences.

Here in Cirencester, you’ll be fully immersed in the rich tapestry of UK culture, supercharging your language proficiency, forging lifelong friendships with global peers, and embarking on explorations of breathtaking countryside and iconic cities.

Cirencester boasts prestigious institutions such as the Royal Agricultural University and Cirencester College, ensuring you’ll not only connect with fellow students on your chosen courses but also rub shoulders with British university scholars, broadening your academic horizons.

Worried about managing your expenses during your stay in the UK? Worry not! Countless budget-friendly opportunities await you to make the most of your free time, ensuring your journey aligns seamlessly with your financial plan throughout its duration.

These opportunities are often once-in-a-lifetime, and it’s important to remember that while your courses are paramount, so is the profound sense of fun that accompanies your study abroad journey. It’s a holistic experience that encompasses both personal and academic growth!

Study UK history

Not only is learning about UK History a wonderful way to spend your study abroad holiday, but it’s one of the best opportunities to study the language outside your courses.

If you want to level up and gain confidence in your english skills through reading information booklets or taking a guided tour, this is a great way to start.

Corinium Museum, Cirencester UK

Cirencester visit museum

This award-winning museum is one of the best in England and is host to one of the largest collections of Romano-British resources.

Set off on a journey through time – study the art and a variety of antiquities on display, including roman mosaics, prehistoric tools, and medieval sculptures.

Perfect for students on a budget, with tickets from £3.45.

Have a look for yourself at all that this fantastic museum has to offer!

Church of St John Baptist, Cirencester uk


England is home to a variety of magnificent medieval churches, and the church of St John Baptist is certainly one of them.

Here, you can admire awe-inspiring stained glass windows and sculptures, while also getting to study the information provided on religion and architecture from the medieval era.

It dates back to the 12th century and welcomes thousands of tourists and students a year. The church acts not only as a place to study British history, but as a modern day place of worship and support.

Live like a local in the UK

Studying abroad in the UK is an exciting chance to connect with people, forging friendships that can last a lifetime while immersing yourself in the vibrant UK culture.

When you envision the UK and its culture, images of savouring a cup of tea or indulging in British cuisine might come to mind. What could be a more enjoyable way to spend your study abroad adventure in this country than by experiencing it as a local student?

Grab a drink at a cafe


UK hospitality is some of the best in the world, and Cirencester is home to a variety of quaint cafes. Some are also available for university or school students to study together!

There are many different types of tea, but if you truly want to live like a local, opt for English Breakfast tea with sugar and milk.

Perfect if your students student are on a budget as a cup of tea typically costs between £2-£5.

Lunch at a UK country pub


Lunch at the pub is fun for all! It’s a popular pastime among young families and university students.

To live like a local on your study abroad trip, head to a pub and order a meal typical of England. Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Sausage and Mash, and more. Ask the staff, many of whom are students getting work experience, and they would be happy to recommend you their favourites.

Go book shopping


The UK is home to some great independent bookshops, such as Octavia’s Bookshop. Reading books is a great way to study a language and gain more vocabulary.

If you are concerned about funding free time on your study abroad trip and are looking for a budget option, the UK has many charity and thrift stores where you can find books costing less than £1!


Explore outside Cirencester


The UK is renowned for its beautiful countryside.

Study wildlife, be in nature, and enjoy the vast landscape of the Cotswolds. Or, if cities are more your thing, Oxford is not far from Cirencester.

Discover the Cotswolds


Imagine idyllic villages, charming tearooms exuding timeless elegance, untamed meadows, meandering rivers, and babbling brooks. Dive into the heart of rural life in the UK, where endless discoveries await!

Countless farms warmly welcome tourists and study abroad enthusiasts, offering an authentic glimpse into the enchanting world of farm life. It’s an unparalleled, hands-on experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Visit Oxford


Oxford University, renowned worldwide, needs no introduction. People from every corner of the globe opt to study here, drawn by its exceptional reputation and the university’s stunning location.

The city itself is a masterpiece of architectural beauty, housing an array of museums and art galleries that showcase human creativity at its best.

With abundant green spaces inviting you to unwind and enjoy a leisurely picnic, Oxford truly offers a comprehensive experience. What’s more, it’s just a short train ride away from the bustling heart of the nation, London!

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