Have you ever pictured your child flourishing in an authentic English town, absorbing the language and culture firsthand? Eastbourne could be the perfect backdrop for this enriching experience. At EducationFF, we understand the unique needs of young learners and have tailored our Eastbourne study holiday to cater to juniors aged 11-17.

Nestled on the south coast of England, this charming town isn’t just a scenic getaway; it’s a hub of learning and adventure that could transform your child’s approach to English.

Whether it’s the blend of traditional classroom learning with exciting cultural excursions or the daily activities designed to foster practical language skills, this programme offers more than just basic education—it promises a summer of growth and discovery.

Why Choose Eastbourne for Your Study Abroad Trip?

The coastal town of Eastbourne not only offers a tranquil study environment but is also steeped in British culture, making it the perfect setting for learning English.

Learning in a Lively Cultural Hub

Eastbourne, known for its pristine pebble beaches and the famous Beachy Head cliffs, provides a serene backdrop that supports English language learning. But it’s not just the scenic beauty that makes Eastbourne special; it’s the vibrant cultural scene.

From theatres and galleries to festivals and sports, Eastbourne offers students countless opportunities to practice English in real-life settings. This  exposure supports and nurtures English language skills more effectively than classroom learning alone.

A Safe, Welcoming Community

Safety is one of the main concerns of parents sending their children abroad. Eastbourne is recognised for its friendly, welcoming community and low crime rates, ensuring a safe environment where young learners can freely explore and learn.

The town’s compact size means everything is within walking distance, which gives students a sense of independence while keeping them safe.

Eastbourne pier study holiday

Eastbourne pier is especially beautiful in the summer months.

Tailored Learning

At EducationFF, we believe in providing an educational experience that goes beyond textbooks. Our Eastbourne programme is specially designed to meet the needs of juniors, combining structured English language lessons with practical application.

The curriculum is designed by experts to provide engaging, supportive, and challenging English lessons. Our experienced educators are highly skilled at nurturing young minds, ensuring that each student receives personalised attention.

Beyond the Classroom: Learning That Lasts

Why limit learning to the confines of a classroom? In Eastbourne, education spills over into every corner of the town.

Whether it’s interacting with local shop owners, participating in sports, or attending one of the organised movie nights, students engage with the English language in different contexts, ensuring they not only learn the language but live it.

This holistic approach to language education in Eastbourne enhances English skills and enriches the students’ understanding of British culture. By choosing our Eastbourne study holiday, you’re not just opting for an education; you’re choosing an experience that will shape your child’s future.

classroom with a green board and tables in front of it

At Education FF, we are proud to provide academic excellence in all of our English programs.

The School Experience on the Eastbourne Study Holiday

At EducationFF in Eastbourne, we redefine the traditional school experience, combining excellent academic standards with an engaging, student-focused approach.

World-Class Educational Facilities

The Eastbourne College campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to foster an optimal learning environment. Classrooms are equipped with the latest educational technology, providing interactive and dynamic language lessons.

Beyond the classrooms, students have access to extensive resources such as free WIFI, science labs, art studios, a sports centre, a theatre, and a music school.

A Curriculum Designed for Engagement and Growth

On our Eastbourne study holiday, the curriculum is structured to cater to the different needs of our students, divided into two separate courses based on age groups: The Voyagers Course for ages 11-14 and The Trailblazers Course for ages 14-17.

The Voyagers Course (11-14 years)

Our Voyagers program is designed to boost self-confidence and nurture creativity and teamwork among young teenagers. This course focuses on developing cross-curricular skills that are fundamental for linguistic and personal growth.

Students engage in a variety of fun and interactive activities that make learning English enjoyable and meaningful.

What makes the Voyagers program unique?
  • Lessons: Students participate in creative projects that introduce them to 21st-century skills like functional English, teamwork, role-playing, and presentations. These activities are designed to enhance their linguistic abilities while fostering global environmental awareness and cultural exchange.
  • Excursions: The program includes carefully planned excursions with a student/leader ratio of 1:25. Preparatory lessons help maximize the learning outcomes of these visits, enriching the students’ cultural and linguistic experience.
  • Activities: From problem-solving and creative thinking tasks to team-building and collaborative activities, the Voyagers are continually engaged. Evening entertainment includes Casino Royal, various workshops, and challenges in photography, digital media, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).
young children sat next to each other with textbooks and pencils smiling at the camera

Our Voyager program for students aged 11-14 are a blend of learning and fun!

The Trailblazers Course (14-17 years)

Designed for older teenagers, the Trailblazers program aims to develop advanced 21st-century skills crucial for academic and professional success. This course provides an environment where students can enhance their English proficiency while gaining a global perspective on current issues.

What makes the Trailblazers program unique?
  • Lessons: The curriculum includes development of critical thinking, public speaking, and leadership skills, paired with global environmental projects and cultural exchanges that challenge students to apply their learning in broad contexts.
  • Excursions: Similar to the Voyagers, Trailblazers benefit from excursions with a student/leader ratio of 1:25, accompanied by preparatory sessions that ensure students gain the most from these experiences.
  • Activities: Students are involved in training and mentoring for young leaders, problem-solving tasks, and team-building exercises. The evening program features Casino Royal, alongside workshops and STEM challenges. A highlight is the Model United Nations (MUN), which fosters a deeper understanding of global issues through simulation and debate.
study abroad in england is unforgettable

The Trailblazer program is for students aged 14-17

Both courses in Eastbourne are designed to immerse students in activities that promote significant personal growth, language proficiency, and cultural understanding.

Experienced Teachers Who Care

Our teachers in Eastbourne are more than just educators—they are mentors and guides who take a genuine interest in each student’s educational journey. With a wealth of experience in teaching English as a foreign language, they create lessons that make learning enjoyable and effective.

Their dedication is evident in their constant support and encouragement, helping students overcome challenges and celebrating their successes along the way.

We believe that the best education extends beyond traditional learning. It’s about creating an atmosphere that encourages curiosity, fosters academic excellence, and prepares students for a future where they can confidently navigate any challenge.

Daily Routine and Activities

On your Eastbourne study holiday, every day is structured to maximise both learning and enjoyment, combining education with recreational and cultural activities that reinforce life and language skills.

A Day at Eastbourne

The school day starts with English language lessons designed to engage and challenge students. These sessions focus on enhancing fluency and understanding through interactive methods tailored to the needs of young learners.

Following the academic sessions, using the impressive facilities at the college, students participate in a variety of recreational and cultural activities. These activities are entertaining and are created to complement the language learning process, allowing students to apply their English skills in various contexts.

Recreational and Cultural Activities

  • Sports and Fitness: Students have access to the schools sports facilities including tennis courts, cricket pitches, and a new sports centre equipped with a gym and swimming pool. Sports tournaments, fitness courses, and individual and team games are regularly organised, promoting teamwork and physical health.
  • Arts and Creativity: The college’s multipurpose theatre and various creative spaces host arts & craft courses and music workshops. These sessions provide a platform for students to express themselves artistically while using English in a creative and engaging environment.

Evening Activities

As evening falls, the campus buzzes with energy, thanks to the diverse activities planned by the English Activity Leaders. These activities are designed to foster friendships and create memorable experiences for students from various backgrounds.

  • Social and Cultural Evenings: From disco nights and murder mystery events to casino evenings, each activity offers a unique blend of fun and language immersion. These events encourage students to interact and communicate in English, enhancing their conversational English skills.
  • Outdoor Adventures: A highlight is the sunset walk to Beachy Head, the famous cliff overlooking the sea. This not only provides breathtaking views but also a moment of reflection and connection with nature, deepening students’ appreciation of the local landscape and England.

The blend of structured academic learning with extensive extracurricular programming enables students to thrive both in and out of the classroom, making their time at EducationFF’s Eastbourne study holiday truly transformative.

Excursions and Cultural Learning

Excursions are an essential part of the curriculum, offering students enriching experiences outside of the classroom. These outings to some of the UK’s most iconic locations allow students to explore and learn in a real-life setting.

Full Days in London

Students will spend two full days in the bustling capital city of London. The first day is packed with sightseeing at some of London’s most famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and Trafalgar Square.

After the guided tour, students will have free time to explore local shops and buy souvenirs, offering them a taste of London’s vibrant commercial atmosphere.

The second day in London is dedicated to educational exploration, where students can visit renowned museums, vibrant markets, and art galleries, or relax in one of the city’s expansive parks.

This day also provides an opportunity to discover different areas of the city such as Covent Garden, the City of London, or the famous shopping streets like Oxford Street, allowing students to immerse themselves fully in the capital.

birdseye view of London UK

London is an exciting excursion, with 2 days of sightseeing, shopping, and educational fun in the capital city.

A Day in Brighton

The excursion to Brighton offers a blend of educational and leisure activities. Students will tour the elegant Regency architecture along the seafront, explore the bustling Brighton Beach, and experience the charm of the Brighton Pier.

The visit includes time for shopping in the trendiest stores of the Lanes, an area known for its unique boutiques and vibrant culture. Additionally, the group will visit the famous Brighton Pavilion, an iconic building known for its stunning Indian and Chinese architectural influences, providing a unique cultural and historical perspective.

brighton colourful houses

Brighton is most often remembered for their colourful houses – a perfect photo spot to remember your trip!

Half-Day Outings to Eastbourne

Back in Eastbourne, students will engage in two half-day outings designed to orient them to their temporary home. These excursions include a tour of the town, highlighting key attractions and everyday spots that students can explore during their free time.

These outings are crucial for helping students feel connected and comfortable in their new environment, enhancing their overall study abroad experience.

eastbourne pier in the background with a seagull in the front

Get the chance to explore Eastbourne beyond the classroom.

Through these carefully planned excursions, EducationFF ensures that students not only learn English but also gain a profound appreciation of the culture and history of the UK.

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